Technology for
Social Change


To increase the participation of citizens, social movements, civic hackers, and governments in social change in Latin America through the use of civic technologies, multi-sector and regional alliances, and open data.

Collaboration with Opportunities for Impact
The Technology for Social Change team collaborates with Avina’s Opportunities for Impact in order to:
  • Support the development of civic technology projects that can close the gap between social movements and technology developers.
  • Encourage governments and citizens to work together using open data, as well as accelerate and increase the scale of the processes of social change promoted by Avina’s Opportunities for Impact.
  • Help review, disseminate, and develop open government practices and open data standards in Latin America.
  • Produce a knowledge base surrounding the development and implementation of replicable, scalable, and open source software technologies with the potential to inform public policies.

Screenshot of the Por Mi Barrio (In My Neighborhood) portal
Real problems, virtual complaints: app registers 5% of citizen complaints in Montevideo

In Montevideo, Uruguay, the Por Mi Barrio (In My Neighborhood) application has been developed to allow residents to use any device (smartphones, tablets, computers) to report urban problems in their neighborhood concerning trees, storm drains, street sweeping, trash, and landscaping. The launch of this app has made the complaint process more proactive and engaged more residents in reporting urban problems. It has also changed the relationship between government and society.

Ciudades Sustentables

Voices from the Field

Juan José Prada

Director of the Information Technology Division of the Municipal Government of Montevideo, Uruguay

Fernando Uval

D.A.T.A. (Datos Abiertos Transparencia y Acceso a la Información)

Márcio Vasconcelos

Head of Avina's Technology for Social Change Tool for Impact

Use of open data platform spreads in Mexico

Datamx is a digital platform for open innovation that calls on citizens to solve social problems through the publication and use of open data.

Ciudades Sustentables

Principal Allies in 2014

Avina Americas

Since 2013 Avina Americas has served as the fund administrator for the Civic Innovation Accelerator Fund, a joint investment between Avina and Omidyar Network.