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To provide useful and timely information to decision-makers from governments, the private sector, and civil society organizations that helps to identify strengths or weaknesses in terms of social progress, in order to focus investment decisions and improve the quality of life for citizens in participating countries.

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Opportunities for Impact

Analysis of data from the Social Progress Index accelerates, enhances, and sustains the results of Avina’s Opportunites for Impact

What is the
Social Progress Index?

The Social Progress Index is an initiative of the Social Progress Imperative, of which Avina is a founding partner, that uses 52 indicators to provide a snapshot of the social progress of every nation for policymakers, international development agencies, philanthropic organizations, civil society, and academia, in order to focus their investments in areas that contribute to improving the well-being of citizens. These indicators measure the ability of each nation to meet the basic needs of its population, the infrastructure and tools available to enable individuals and communities to improve their quality of life, and the existence of a favorable environment so that each person has the opportunity to develop their full potential.

In 2014, data from 132 countries was collected and analyzed.

Avina and its partners continue to work diligently to develop the methodology of the Index and to position it as a global performance measure, as well as to form networks of organizations capable of advancing social progress in their own countries and regions. During 2014, steering groups were formed in Guatemala, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Panama, and Peru, joining those already operating in Brazil, Paraguay, and Costa Rica.


The Social Progress Index for the Brazilian Amazon influences decision-making for investment in the region

The Brazilian Amazon, internationally known for its natural resources and environmental importance both for Brazil and for the world, was placed under the microscope of the Social Progress Index during 2014.

Estrategia para el Bioma Amazónico

Voices from the Field

Simão Jatene

Governor of the State of Pará, Brazil

Adalberto Veríssimo

Executive Director of Imazon, Brasil

Antonio Aranibar

Network Director for the Social Progress Imperative

Sally Osberg

President and CEO of the Skoll Foundation

Raúl Gauto

Head of Avina's Social Progress Index Tool for Impact

The Social Progress Index is incorporated into Paraguay's national development plan

The Plan Nacional de Desarrollo - Paraguay 2030 (Paraguay 2030 National Development Plan - PND) is a strategic document that will facilitate coordinated actions among the divisions of the Executive Branch, as well as at other levels of the national government, civil society, and the private sector. This is the first time a development plan of this scope has been created, despite being stipulated in Article 177 of the Paraguayan Constitution as mandatory for each newly elected administration. 


Voices from the Field

Beltrán Macchi

Director of Visión Banco, member of the Federación de la Producción la Industria y el Comercio (FEPRINCO), part of the Social Progress Index steering group in Paraguay

José Molinas Vega

Eduardo Rotela

Head of Avina's country strategy in Paraguay

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