for Impact

To achieve the inclusion of millions of recyclers as key actors in sustainable waste management, working in alliance with recycler organizations, industry leaders, government agencies, and other key stakeholders.

Shared Agenda
for Action

  • Stimulate leadership development and organizational capacity among recyclers to form associations, formalize their work, and build a vision of the common good, while creating multi-sector relationships to strengthen the recycling ecosystem.

  • Promote public policies and regulations that establish sustainable waste management systems and strengthen the role of recyclers.

  • Foster the formation of recycling value chains rooted in the concepts of social responsibility, inclusive business, and a new economy.


Recyclers at work in Colombia. Photo © Camilo Rozo.
Public policy provides legal recognition for Colombian recyclers

In November 2014, the Colombian Ministry of Housing, Cities, and Territories, together with the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, issued Resolution 0754, which establishes a methodology for the design, implementation, evaluation, monitoring, oversight, and update of local plans for integrated solid waste management.

Ciudades Sustentabes

Voices from the Field

Ana Julieta Ruiz

Director of Compromiso Empresarial para el Reciclaje (CEMPRE), Colombia 

Carolina Marín López

Director of Sector Development, Vice Ministry for Potable Water and Basic Sanitation, Colombian Ministry of Housing, Cities, and Territories

Nohra Padilla

Bernardo Toro

Fundación Avina in Colombia

Integrated and inclusive waste management policy is approved in Asunción

In August 2014, the city commission of Asunción approved Municipal Ordinance 408/14 concerning integrated solid waste management and promoting a zero waste culture, which includes unprecedented waste management practices.

Recyclers from Asunción, Paraguay visit their counterparts in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Principal Allies in 2014

Avina Americas

Since 2011, Avina Americas has participated in the Inclusive Recycling Opportunity for Impact as the fiscal steward of the Coca-Cola Foundation’s co-investment funds.