To bring together innovation, business, efforts to eradicate poverty, and environmental conservation to create a new economy as the foundation for sustainable development.

Collaboration with Opportunities for Impact

The Impact Business team collaborates with Avina’s Opportunities for Impact in order to:

  • Catalyze the involvement of businesses in Avina's strategies to create innovative, sustainable models that can impact the entire region.

  • Support key stakeholders, such as business incubators and impact investment funds, and promote opportunities for exchanging information and networking.

  • Mobilize the efforts of applied technology developers toward the search for new, sustainable, and scalable solutions to the challenges of environmental vulnerability and social exclusion.


Representatives from participating organizations at the launch of the #101 Soluciones (#101 Solutions) initiative in Chile
A new relationship between social enterprises and the government in

#101 Soluciones (#101 Solutions), an initiative organized by Avina, Sistema B, SociaLab, CoLab UC and El Definido, brought together Chilean social entrepreneurs in 2014 to propose solutions to the government to address the problems that they have found in forming social enterprises.


Voices from the Field

Juan Pablo Larenas

Sistema B, Chile

Jocelyn Durán Huaiquin

Co-Founder and Director ofHora Salud, Chile

Francisca Rivero

Avina in Chile.

More enterprises incorporate social and environmental purposes into their business models

More and more companies in Latin America are adopting business models that give priority to sound social and environmental practices.

With the implementation of the Sistema de Auditoría Social (Social Auditing System - SAS), high-impact projects mainly in the areas of efficient use of water and electricity have been carried out over the last two years.

Principal Allies in 2014

Avina Americas

Since 2012 Avina Americas has served as the fund administrator for the Impact Economy Innovation Fund, a joint investment between Avina, Rockefeller Foundation, and Omidyar Network. The Fund commissioned a white paper in 2014 to compile lessons learned and to highlight opportunities to further strengthen the impact investment ecosystem in Latin America; the paper will be available in 2015.


¿Qué son las Empresas B? (What are B Corps?) – Sistema B [in Spanish]

Cierre de campaña #101 Soluciones (Closing event for the #101 Soluciones campaign) – Chilean Ministry of Economy [in Spanish]