for Impact

To transform extractive industries in Latin America into an innovative sector that contributes to the economic and social development of the region, operating within a framework of respect for human rights and natural resources.

Shared Agenda
for Action
  • Extractive Industries for the Public Good: Achiever greater levels of commitment and action on the part of the extractive industrial sector in order to make concrete changes in terms of operations, transparency, openness to dialogue, public participation in decision-making, and contributions to the social well-being of communities and the development of countries where extraction takes place.

  • Innovation for a New Economy: Encourage the development of new business models and technologies so that the extractive industrial sector contributes to the construction of a low carbon economy and better quality of life for people.


Colombia shows willingness to make extractive industries more transparent

In 2014, Colombia took an an important step toward building a more transparent extractive industrial sector when the country was accepted as a candidate to become a member of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). The EITI is a global standard for the management, monitoring, and oversight of the finances and taxes paid by extractive industries (oil, gas, and mining). Currently, 25 countries meet the standards - among them Peru and Guatemala are the only Latin American countries - and 16 are candidates, including Colombia. 

Estrategia para el Bioma Amazónico

Voices from the Field

Andrés Hernández

Director of Citizen Initiatives, Transparencia por Colombia

Mitzy Canessa

Plataforma de Diálogo Minería y Desarrollo Sostenible, Chile

Eduardo Villegas

Fundación Avina in Colombia

International representatives participate in Latin American dialogue group on mining, democracy, and sustainable development

The Grupo de Diálogo Latinoamericano “Minería, Democracia y Desarrollo Sostenible” Grupo de Diálogo Latinoamericano ("Mining, Democracy, and Sustainable Development" Latin American Dialogue Group - GDL) brings together initiatives for dialogue on the mining industry from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru. The GDL made important strides in 2014 in the areas of organizational structure, capacity, and mobilizing community leadership within the Diálogo Sur (South Dialogue) project.

Meeting of the Grupo de Diálogo Latinoamericano “Minería, Democracia y Desarrollo Sostenible” ("Mining, Democracy, and Sustainable Development" Latin American Dialogue Group ) in Peru. Photo courtesy of Eduardo Hinojosa.

Principal Allies in 2014


Presentación de la Oportunidad de Impacto Industrias Extractivas de Fundación Avina (Presentation of Fundación Avina's Extractive Industries Opportunity for Impact)

¿Qué es la Iniciativa para la Transparencia en las Industrias Extractivas? (What is the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative?) – Colombian Ministry of Mining and Energy [in Spanish]