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Financial Indicators

VIVA Trust was created by Avina’s founder, Stephan Schmidheiny, and is the principal source of the funds managed by Fundación Avina. Since 2008, Avina has proactively sought to develop co-investment alliances with other philanthropic organizations to increase the quantity and quality of resources available for the continental strategies that Avina promotes in partnership with its allies in Latin America.

Investments in Latin America

The total resources mobilized in 2014 in support of Avina’s opportunities for impact exceeded 55 million USD. Avina directly invested 12.6 million USD in 785 initiatives led by its allies across the region and 9.4 million USD in the brokering, advising, and networking services provided by the Avina team. Avina also helped to leverage an additional 33.6 million USD in funding from other institutions in support of its allies and their initiatives.

Since 1994, Avina’s programmatic support has totaled more than 500 million USD. Of that amount, Avina has directly invested over 390 million USD in sustainable development initiatives led by its allies over the past 20 years.

Financial Mobilization 2012-2014

The total third-party resources that Avina mobilized includes contributions made by other organizations, either as co-investments managed by Avina or as direct investments in the same causes. In either case, the outside resources were leveraged in part thanks to Avina’s role in establishing the relationship between the donor and beneficiary organizations. It is important to note that Avina’s programmatic support includes not only its investments in initiatives (grants) but also the direct interventions and services provided by the Avina team.

Since 1994, the sum of Avina’s programmatic support plus leveraged resources has exceeded 1 billion USD.

The following table shows the diversity of funding sources managed by Avina during 2014: