for Impact

To bring about universal access to water and sanitation through a democratic governance model that prioritizes win-win collaboration across multiple sectors and integrates social and technological innovations

Shared Agenda
for Action
  • Strengthen the leadership, management, and technical capacity of community water management organizations, while promoting recognition of their work by governments, the private sector, and international cooperation agencies.

  • Build partnerships with the public and private sectors to improve and expand water services and create financial mechanisms to make water affordable for more families.

  • Help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of community water and sanitation services by identifying, supporting, and spreading social and technological innovations.

Segundo Guaillas Medina, representative from ROSCGAE, at the National Assembly for public input on the water resources and uses bill.
New law in Ecuador guarantees the human right to water

The Ley de Recursos Hídricos, Usos y Aprovechamiento del Agua (Law on Water Resources and Uses) came into force in Ecuador in August 2014. The new law guarantees the human right of all people to clean, adequate, accessible, and affordable water for personal and domestic use that is of sufficient quantity, quality, continuity, and coverage. The law prohibits the privatization of water resources and stipulates that they be exclusively managed by public agencies or community organizations.


Voices from the Field:

Helder Solís

Technical and Political Adviser from Protos, Ecuador

Elsie Endara Izquierdo

Policy Director for the Vice Secretariat for Potable Water and Sanitation - Secretariat for Water, Ecuador

Carlos Zambrano Carrillo

Coordinator of Public Policy Analysis and Proposals at the Consorcio de Capacitación para el Manejo de Recursos Naturales Renovables (Training Consortium for the Management of Renewable Natural Resources - CAMAREN), Ecuador

Segundo Guaillas Medina

Representative of the Red de Organizaciones Sociales y Comunitarias en la Gestión del Agua del Ecuador (Network of Social and Community Organizations for Water Management in Ecuador - ROSCGAE), Ecuador

Felipe Toledo

Fundación Avina in Ecuador

Less fire, more water

The Reserva Natural de la Defensa La Calera (La Calera Defense Nature Reserve) is an area covering approximately 33,360 acres located within the Suquía River watershed, near the city of Córdoba, Argentina. The watershed currently provides 60% of the water for the city of La Calera. The reserve serves as a "green lung of native forest" for the city of Córdoba, inhabited by 1.3 million people, by absorbing and regulating precipitation.

Reserva Natural de la Defensa La Calera

Principal Allies in 2014

Avina Americas

In 2014, Avina Americas served as the fiscal steward of the Coca-Cola Foundation’s co-investment funds for the Iniciativa +AGUA and managed the alliance with Xylem Watermark to expand acess to water in schools located in the semi-arid region of Brazil.